Germany, Düsseldorf 

Düsseldorf Trade Fair, Hall 6


Competition 1997 – 1st Prize
Design Volkwin Marg
Project leader Joachim Rind
Design team Frederik Jaspert, Marek Nowak, Olaf Drehsen, Thomas Heuer, Christina Harenberg, Thomas Behr
Project team Michael Haase, Heiko Körner, Marek Nowak, Simone Ripp, Stefanie Streb, Petra Tallen, Andreas Wietheger, Timo Holland, Stefan Menke, Anne Werrens
Client Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
Construction period 1998-2000
Gross floor area 43,500 m²
Volume 630,300 m³



Andreas Wiese

Juergen Schmidt

[email protected]

Messe Düsseldorf

In place of the circular dome-arched competition design, a square exhibition hall was realized which meets the specific requirements of the Düsseldorf exhibition grounds.

The visible steel construction of the 160 metre square hall rests on four crossing box girders which are supported by four columns. The eight cantilevered ends relieve the spine beams spanning over 90 metres. To achieve this aim, their ends are stabilized with tensile hinge columns and loaded with the ventilating plants installed on the roof. In the outer area the roof connects to the construction’s bottom edge, in the central area to its top edge. This results in varying hall heights of 20 and 30 metres.

The total hall space is enclosed by a massive element, which serves as a circulating gallery and houses offices and restaurants as well as utility rooms such as sanitary and storage rooms.

Movable grandstands with approximately 12,000 seats can be erected, allowing for a multi-purpose usage of the hall for various events.