Germany, Frankfurt on Main 

Frankfurt 21 - Conversion

Frankfurt 21 - Conversion Frankfurt 21 - Conversion Frankfurt 21 - Conversion Frankfurt 21 - Conversion         

Conversion of the Central Station and the Urban Environment

Conversion 1996
Design Meinhard von Gerkan
with Joachim Zais
Staff Olaf Schlüter, Angelika Schneider, Stefan Schwappach



gmp Architekten

Michael Stumpfe

Following the new traffic concept of "Deutsche Bahn AG", Frankfurt’s overground terminus train stations will also be abandoned (as proposed for Stuttgart) in favour of the installation of a through station 20 m underground. Naturally the listed station building will be retained.

The existing column grid of the historic terminal is supported by a new beam structure that takes the form of a viaduct. A grand arched construction formally defines the building and supports stairs, escalators and bridges for the circulation to all platforms. The supposed disadvantage of the sunken "Central Park", 3 km long and 180 m wide, on the site previously covered by train tracks. Its edge is emphasized with dense housing development and terminated by two solitaire high rise buildings.

The park at the station ends in a square, forming a new linkage to the exhibition centre. The abandonment of the freight depot up to Rebstockpark makes possible the landscaping of a 60 m wide ground fair boulevard, linking the city centre from the east, and terminating in the square to the west.