China, Lingang New City 

Gang Cheng Office Building


Consultancy 2005
Meinhard von Gerkan
Nikolaus Goetze
Project leaders
Magdalene Weiß, Jan Blasko
Tian Jinghai, Rebekka Brauer, Evelyn Pasdzierny, Alexandra Kühne
Chinese partner practice
Shanghai Gangcheng Dev. (Group) Co., Ltd.
Gross floor area
20.000 m²
Construction period



Hans-Georg Esch




Office and business uses will be located within the first ring of the new city. Here, the master plan envisages perimeter block development that will be permitted to exceed the building height of 24m at points of urban planning significance so as to structure the perimeter development and give a particular view of the lake at exposed places. Along with the building height and perimeter block development, the master plan has also specified a 6m-high arcade on the side facing the lake, to cater for a future promenade along the lake shore with shopping zones and restaurants.

The ground floor is divided into three lobby zones respectively on the western, eastern and southern sides of the building. Between them are shopping zones, cafés and service businesses. The shopping zones can be accessed from the street, whereas the lobbies can be entered from both the street and the interior courtyard. The courtyard is planted out with greenery, but offers access to 150 parking spaces in the underground garage as well. The first and second stories are used for catering businesses on the eastern and southern fronts, while the western side is completely given over to office space. The other parts of the eastern and southern structure also concentrate on office uses, in some cases for high-quality management levels and conference areas.

The façade is clearly divided into two parts (an arcaded zone on the ground floor and meander strips of natural stonework on the upper floors), presenting a lively, varied front to the lake. Being largely glazed, they allow a fine "front-row" view of the lake from inside.

The client has applied for LEED certification for the building, and would get a gold rating for it in the current state of planning. This may seem prima facie astonishing since it has a large proportion of open façade structure. However, because of the deep reveals (1.20 m) in the external façade (still 60 cm even on the courtyard façade), these are largely naturally shaded, so that the solar impairment is less than would be expected. The building is intended to set a construction standard in Lingang.