China, Lingang New City 

Gateway buildings

Gateway buildings Gateway buildings Gateway buildings Gateway buildings Gateway buildings        

Competition 2007 – 1st prize
Meinhard von Gerkan
Nikolaus Goetze
Project leaders
Magdalene Weiß, Jan Blasko
Rebekka Brauer, Jinghai Tian, Yang Xuan
Chinesisches partner practice
Shanghai Gangcheng Dev. (Group) Co., Ltd.
Gross floor area
2 x 12,800 m²
Construction period



gmp Architekten

The buildings are located in prominent Shengang Avenue (Opposite the Town Hall and the Maritime Museum), which leads from the west past administrative and prestigious buildings to the core feature of the city, Lake Dishui. The composition of the buildings responds to the prominent corner situation of the site, and from Shengang Avenue is clearly perceived as a coherent ensemble. At the same time, it forms an important urban-planning conclusion to the ring development of Ring 2. This circumstance is taken into account by the symmetry of design on the two axes. As the gateway to the inner area of the city in planning terms, its status is emphasized by the position of the high points on the south-east and north-east sides.

The perimeter block development forms the starting point of the design. Inside the block is a courtyard with an inward-facing landscaped design notable for a water feature and trees. The composition of the building is distinctive for its deep, room-height window reveals on the upper floors and arcading on three fronts at ground level. In the recessed ground-floor areas, public functions can be accommodated along with the lobby and reception areas, with direct access from outside.
The first floor accommodates not only office space but also the canteen, with a spacious, double-height dining area and canteen kitchen. The second and fourth floors are earmarked solely for office use, whereas on the third floor there is another double-height space with conference facilities. The tower floor contains a conference hall with a fine view of the lake.

The façade design is notable for its distinctive grid of square formats. These span two stories in each case and emphasize the square structure. On the floors with double-height rooms, the façades contains a setback element, to give an interesting overall look. The facades are of glass and light natural stone, with the individual windows being deeply recessed. The resulting play of shadows provides a color contrast with the light-colored façade.