China, Hangzhou-Huanglong 

Gong Yuan Building, Office Towers and Press Center, Hangzhou, China


Design Meinhard von Gerkan
Partner Nikolaus Goetze
Project management Volkmar Sievers
Project team Simone Nentwig, Huan Zhu, Andrea Moritz, Knut Maass, Rouven Oberdiek, Tobias Plinke, Nicole Loeffler, Wiebke Dorn, Nils Dethlefs, Kerstin Steinfatt, Jörn Bohlmann
Client Hangzhou Nice Source United Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Gross floor area 123,000 m²
Construction period 2003-2005



Christian Gahl

Jan Siefke

The Gongyuan office building is located in the immediate vicinity of the Huanglong Stadium in Hangzhou. It functions as a representative entrance to the sports centre on the opposite side of the street and is simultaneously a cornerstone in the prospering district of the city. Two groups of highrise buildings, each with a striking, tripartite division, occupy the north and south ends of the property. An enclosed green courtyard bordered on the east and west sides by colonnades, stretches between the two towers. A four level press centre in the form of a glass rotunda pierces the northern end of the western colonnade.