China, Zhengzhou 

Greenland Central Plaza

Greenland Central Plaza Greenland Central Plaza Greenland Central Plaza Greenland Central Plaza Greenland Central Plaza Greenland Central Plaza       

Competition won 2010
Scheduled completion 2nd quarter 2017
Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz with Nicolas Pomränke
Client Zhongyuan Real Estate Business Department of Shanghai Greenland Group
GFA 746,202 m², of which 572,493 m² above ground and 173,709 m² below ground



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ZMG China

Greenland Central Plaza is a development along the axis between the eastern railway station and the city center of Zhengzhou. With its two symmetrical towers, the multifunctional complex functions like a gateway to the public park to the west of the terrain. The building itself has been arranged around a landscaped open space. Its external shape reflects the typical landscape of Henan Province, with its hills and valleys carved out by the Yellow River. The twin towers have been designed in the form of continuous wrapping tapes. With a height of 284 meters, they rise up from a windmill-shaped layout and, on 63 floors, accommodate offices, a hotel, apartments, and a business club. The fully glazed areas include large spaces on the entrance level, double-stacked sky lobbies, and tower-top atriums with spectacular views. All offices benefit from natural ventilation via weatherproof openings which, with metal facade profiles, represent integral elements of the project. All external design principles are replicated on the inside, thus maintaining consistency within the design. The Greenland Central Plaza development characterizes a new district with integrated traffic intersection. The urban master plan for the development of Zhengzhou combines business, commercial, and cultural functions with a high-speed railway system and urban road network.