China, Guangzhou 

Guangzhou TV Station

Guangzhou TV Station Guangzhou TV Station Guangzhou TV Station          

Competition 2006 – 1st prize
Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz with Stephan Rewolle
Design team Iris Belle, David Schenke, Na Zhang, Linlin Jiang, Chunsong Dong, Bin Zhou, Di Wu
Client Guangzhou TV Station
Gross floor area 319,000 m²
Construction period 2008–2012



gmp Architekten

The new site project of Guangzhou TV Station is located in a highly prominent position to the west of the future Guangzhou TV Tower at the Pearl River. Sin-ce the Tower will be the tallest construction all over the world the design has to enhance the importance of the tower on the one hand and establish an independent and strong iconic meaning on the other hand.

The design scheme proposes two perfect cubes of 100 m height, length and width which are placed in such a way that the position of the tower is fully considered in terms of urban design. The archaic form looks clear and logic but at the same time it is surprising and innovative since such dimensions have never been realized before in a cubic shape.

The cubes consist of highly transparent spaces and solid volumes which merge into each other. For this reason they appear solid and light at the same time and they symbolize the content of the TV station: the efficiency of the produc-tion and operation by dense volumes and the attraction and entertainment of the TV show by airy spaces.

Because of the dimension of the studios and other large span areas within the building a load bearing façade structure consisting of triangular steel tubes in a zigzag position is planned for this building. Due to the cladding of the zigzag with insulated metal panels and glass a high plasticity is achieved that produces light and shadow. This regular façade alter with areas of plane glazing in front of the entrance lobbies voids and atria.

Both cubes are connected by a 8.40 m high podium which serves as a public space. The podium overlooks the city or Guangzhou and it will be regarded as an urban stage which fully implements the idea of cultural communication.