Germany, Hamburg-Speicherstadt 

Hanseatic Trade Center, Kehrwiederspitze


Design Volkwin Marg
Project Partner
Klaus Staratzke
Project Manager
Hakki Akyol
Design Team
Uli Rösler, Bernd Schöll, Renata Dipper, Klaus Dorn, Bernhard Gronemeyer, Carsten Plog
Realisation Team
Uli Rösler, Ahmet Alkuru, Evgenia Werner, Karl-Heinz Behrendt, Tomasz Polakowski, Maren Lucht, Ralf Giesecke
Hanseatic Trade Center GmbH + Co., Hamburg
Planning Period
1992 - 1996
Construction Period
1997 - 1999



Juergen Schmidt

[email protected]

Phase IV of the office building construction work structurally restores the historical Speicherstadt ensemble. Phase IV replaces the original quayside development. The office building, which is stretching over 208 m, opens up towards the city centre and the river port with four generous glazed atria. With a floor area of 250 square metres each, these atria are entrance hall and characteristic feature of the office units. They also contribute to an economic use of energy, with the interior stone façades storing the captured solar energy and conducting it to the inside of the building. The office floors are accessible via two freestanding glazed lifts. The offices are individually dividable up to the smallest unit of approximately 100 square metres, offering views to the city on one side or the canal respectively the glazed halls on the other. The structure corresponds to the adjacent heights of the Speicherstadt and other modern buildings. External walls are finished in masonry with the brick colour of the Speicherstadt, whilst varied window dimensions introduce a rhythm. The loadbearing hall structure and the windowframes are made from galvanized steel.