China, Hangzhou 

Headquarters of Zhejiang Wuchan Group


Competition 2005 – 1st Prize
Design Meinhard von Gerkan
Partner Nikolaus Goetze
Project leader Volkmar Sievers
Client Zhejiang Materials Industry Property Co., Ltd.
Construction period 2008–2010
Gross floor area 12,700 m²



Hans-Georg Esch

The eleven-story high-rise building with a four-story base forms an in-scale transition to lower neighboring buildings and is nonetheless a large entity twisting and turning in vertical and horizontal dimensions. Towards the north, the building is recessed three times, in keeping with sun-exposure guidelines for neighboring buildings. Vertical screen elements on all facades generate a vivid pattern of color and light and offer an effective sunscreen, which, together with the highly effective insulating glass, constitutes an important contribution to reducing the building’s energy consumption. The composition of the interior materials is derived from the facade concept: white dominates inside as well, giving the rooms ample openness and lightness. White natural stone and transparent glass contrast with black surfaces.