Germany, Hamburg 

Housing development at Harderweg


Competition 2008 – 1st prize
Meinhard von Gerkan and Nikolaus Goetze with Volkmar Sievers
Project management
Kerstin Steinfatt
Scheme design team
Christian Dahle, Ulrich Roesler, Michèle Watenphul, Zhu Huan
Detailed design team
Julian Lahme, Knut Maas, Som Phone Sysavanh
In cooperation with
ZEBAU. Zentrum für Energie, Bauen, Architektur und Umwelt GmbH
Joachim Luserke
10,000 m²
Number of apartments
Construction period



Heiner Leiska

This new building project received public funding and comprises 63 apartments in three building blocks, positioned on three sides of a communally used courtyard. The existing trees close off the development towards the south. All blocks have four stories, with some structures also on the fifth floor; the facades consist of sculptural face brick cladding. Barrier-free housing units are accessible without steps. On the fourth floor, the attic apartments have the benefit of adjoining roof terraces, enhancing the amenity quality of the units. The three blocks comply with the "Efficiency House Standard 40" requirements. In 2014, the Harderweg housing development received recognition in the context of the Carl-Friedrich Fischer Prize (Humanes Wohnen).