Germany, Hamburg 

Jumbo Maintenance Hangar, Deutsche Lufthansa, Hamburg Airport


Consultancy 1986
Design Meinhard von Gerkan und Karsten Brauer
Partner Klaus Staratzke
Project management Manfred Stanek, Reinhold Niehoff
Project team Michael Engel, Claudius Schönherr, Dagmar Winter, Elke Sethmann, Alexandra Czerner, Clemens Zeis, Sybille Scharbau, Gregor Smakowski, Winfried Gust, Sabine Oehme, Gunter Maaß, Peter Klein
Structural engineering Assmann
Technical building equipment Schmidt-Reuter
Client Hamburger Gesellschaft für Fluganlagen mbH
Construction period 1989–1992
Gross floor area Hall 18,000 m², Premises 13,000 m²
Volume Hall 473,850 m³, Premises 60,410 m³



Klaus Frahm

The maintenance hangar on the southern side of the airport cannot be missed. With its hangar space 150 m long, 81 m deep and a clear working height of 26 m, two Jumbo Jets and an Airbus can be dealt with simultaneously.

In order to provide a column-free gigantic hall, a primary structural system is created by two bows leaning against one another having a total span of 175 m. The whole roof hangs on these bows, the main load being transferred to two buttress constructions at the side of the hangar. The arch form is similar to a large suspension bridge and determines the appearance of the new hall, while the facades are covered with a silver grey metal cladding.

The hangar doors having a total length of 150 m and height of 22 m are totally glazed. This gigantic "window" allows passengers rolling past in an aircraft to look inside the massive workshop.