Latvia, Jurmala, Riga 

Jurmala Residence


Design Meinhard von Gerkan
Project manager Otto Dorn
Project team Johann von Mansberg, Johannes Brauner
Construction firm Vincents, Riga
Client Krasovicky Family
Construction period 1997–1998
Gross floor area 1,400 m²



Klaus Frahm



Jurmala Residence Extension
Tennis Hall, Jurmala Residence

Exhibitions, splendid receptions, glittering parties, formal dinners and concerts will take place in this guest-house of an Art Nouveau villa close to Riga’s seaside on the Baltic Sea. The result has not however been a magnificent building in the tradition of the 19th century, but the local building tradition of timber constructions has been chosen, used in a modern fashion.
The plan is strictly axial symmetric. The central part in the axis is formed by a sequence from the foyer, to an atrium underneath a glass roof and finally a large dining hall, terminating in a garden courtyard embraced by lateral buildings and a central decorative basin with a waterfall. Two building bars flank the central part, accommodating the exhibition areas, a billiard room as well as two guest apartments and additionally the staff and secondary rooms on the upper level.

The whole building is designed as a timber construction from Canadian larch wood; the roof surface from mono-pitched and saddle roof is cladded with sheet zinc.

An event and tennis hall as well as an extensive garden and leisure complex with guest-houses are planned in further construction stages.