Germany, Hamburg-Speicherstadt 

Kibbelsteg Bridges

Kibbelsteg Bridges Kibbelsteg Bridges Kibbelsteg Bridges Kibbelsteg Bridges Kibbelsteg Bridges Kibbelsteg Bridges       

Consultancy 2000
in co-operation with
Windels, Timm, Morgen
Volkwin Marg
Project management
Reiner Schröder
Project team gmp
Matthias Holtschmidt, La Jana Weinmann, Sandra Hasse,
Birgit Scheffer, Tobias Plinke, Claudia Stölzle, Christoph Schrade
Projet team WTM
Ulrich Jäppelt, Arne Kopp, Petra Büchner
GHS Gesellschaft für Hafen- und Standortentwicklung
Construction period
220 m



Felix Borkenau

Right through the historic Speicherstadt the new Kibbelsteg Bridges provide a flood-protected link from the mounds of the HafenCity to the Hamburg "Altstadt" located behind the tidal protection wall.

The historic bridges of the Speicherstadt are filigree steel arch structures dating from the transitional period of the 19th to the 20th century. The new Kibbelsteg Bridges maintain the continuity of this construction method, which is after 100 years still a structurally and economically sensible solution that carefully integrates into the existing ensemble, which is under a preservation order.

The bridging of Zollkanal, Brooksfleet and Sandtorkai over a distance of 200 m with three bridges and connecting platforms 7.50 m above sea level is designed to provide a flood-protected access for emergency vehicles. They link bridgeheads of various heights and sup-port suspended footbridges on street level. Brick-clad bastions, quayside walls and bridge piers as well as metallically grey arch structures give the newly created bridge construction a natural appearance within the context of the historical Speicherstadt.