Germany, Berlin 

Köpenick Forum

Köpenick Forum Köpenick Forum Köpenick Forum Köpenick Forum Köpenick Forum Köpenick Forum Köpenick Forum      

Competition 1994 - 1st Prize
Design Volkwin Marg
Project manager Joachim Rind
Project team Christina Harenberg, Monika Kaesler, Franz Lensing, Gabriele Mones, Marek Nowak, Efstratios Sianidis, Uta-Eyke Witzel, Robert Stüer, Thomas Behr
Client GP Fundus Gewerbebau und Projektierung GmbH
Light planning Lichtplanungsbüro Andres
Construction period 1996 - 1997
Gross floor area 103,423 m²
Volume 425,000 m³



Hans-Christian Schink

The Köpenick Forum does not create the usual introverted hostile shopping centre, but is instead a simple market hall. The long glass covered market has created a central focus for events, gastronomy, side stalls whilst forming the gateway to the more specialist markets and shops. It offers uninhibited views onto Bahnhofstrasse and also to the newly created residential area at Wuhle Becken, which was created by damming the main river flow. The height of the building responds to its neighbours and thereby complies with the existing urban structure. The residential unit holds whithin its compact structure subsidized flats. To the west of the new waterside development a three storey open building reflects the existing character of the area.