Germany, Cologne 

Laboratory building for the CECAD Cluster of Excellence of Cologne University Clinic and Cologne University


Design Volkwin Marg
Associated Partner
Christian Hoffmann
Project managers
Martin Bleckmann, Heiko Faber
Scheme design team
Sebastian Hilke, Heiko Faber
Detailed design team
Felix Kammann, Lisa Dargies, Monika Kaesler, Tobias Bley, Irina Stoyanova, Jörg Greuel, Bernd Adolf, Martin Heß
medfacilities GmbH
28,287 m² with underground car park
Construction period



Juergen Schmidt

[email protected]

On the site of the Cologne University Clinic, a new laboratory building with approx. 11,000 sqm of usable floor area was constructed for CECAD, the Cologne Cluster of Excellence in Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-Associated Diseases.

The new laboratory building has been integrated in to the existing development of laboratories and new institutes (Max-Planck Institute) which form part of the research facility of the University and the University Clinic.

With its seven storeys, the building makes a clear statement at Joseph Stelzmann Strasse. In part, the bottom two floors have access from two levels: the student path from the campus leads through the building and the laboratory is accessed from its public areas (entrance hall, auditorium, cafeteria etc.). There are open areas in front of the cafeteria and auditorium for people to linger.

The façades feature a clear structure, large-scale texturing in the lower floors and a differentiated relief pattern of the window elements. Further differentiation is achieved through the choice of materials – large-format white pigmented artificial stone, dark aluminium glass and brass-coloured metal fabric.

The building’s connection with the public sphere is enhanced by alternating closed wall sections with transparent façades at the level of the student path and the cafeteria.