Germany, Oldenburg 

Lecture Theater Center, Oldenburg University


Competition 1992 – 1st prize
Meinhard von Gerkan with Klaus Lenz
Design team
Jens Kalkbrenner, Gerlinde Venschott
Project leader
Klaus Lenz
Project team
Karl-Heinz Behrendt, Jens Reichert, Susan Krause, Dagmar Winter, Bettina Groß, Bernd Kottsieper
Construction period
Staatshochbauamt Oldenburg
Gross floor area
5,200 m²
29,100 m³



Gerhard Aumer

Klaus Frahm

The main lecture hall in the Carl-von-Ossietzky-University is situated on a busy street junction, in an area defined by a mix of small-scale buildings and town blocks from the sixties. The concept reacts against this disparity with a strong, cylindrical two-storey form, which fulfils the significance of an institution used by various faculties. The pure geometry is fragmented with projecting and recessing elements and through various facade aesthetics between the open foyer and stage side. A bridge links the cylinder to existing university buildings, which is terminated by a longitudinal building comprising of lecture rooms. The white plastered facade corresponds to the clear building geometry. Two areas on the external facade are emphasized with colour and appear to be scenery in front of the white background. Internally, the disabled lift designed as a free standing element in the foyer, is painted with a powerful blue, contrasting against the natural materials like wood, the poured asphalt floor and fair-faced columns.

The function hall on the upper floor is equipped with the required technology to serve for theatre, congress and cultural events. It is subdivided in three sections, where events can take place simultaneously.