Germany, Berlin 

Liquidrom in Tempodrom


Consultancy 1999 – 1st Prize
Design Meinhard von Gerkan
Partner Hubert Nienhoff
Project manager Stephan Schütz
Project team Wilfried Schoo, Matthias Wiegelmann, Ulrike Bruttloff, Nicolas Pomränke, Patrick Pfleiderer, Johannes Erdmann
Date of completion March 2002
Client Stiftung Neues Tempodrom
Gross area 1,360 m²



Christian Gahl



Neues Tempodrom, Berlin

Beside the Large Arena and the Small Arena the Liquidrom is the third event hall of the Tempodrom with a water basin 13 m in diameter, vaulted with a domed concrete shell incorporating a top light in its zenith.

Light and sound define the atmosphere of the Liquidrom. Up to 50 visitors lying in lukewarm salt water can enjoy an impressive concert experience with light installations, underwater loudspeakers and four sound columns.
Besides the circular saltwater basin the Liquidrom also consists of several saunas, steam baths, a hot water open-air basin, which is according to Japanese traditions called "Onsen" as well as a bar and a restaurant.

In the Liquidrom natural materials are used primarily. The floors and walls in the wet and bathing areas are clad with a greenish-grey natural stone; the walls of all other rooms are finished with refined fair-faced concrete. The wall cladding is made from untreated red cedar; the ceilings are suspended and dark coated.