Germany, Leipzig 

Media City


Competition 1997 – 1st Prize
Volkwin Marg
Project leader
Martin Bleckmann
Project team
Jutta Hartmann-Pohl, Monika Kaesler, Jörg Greuel, Franz Lensing, Clemens Dost, Frederik Jaspert
Leipziger Gewerbehofgesellschaft
Construction period
1998 - 2000
Gross floor area
44,000 m²
245,000 m³
Area of the 3 Television Studios
800 m²



Gerhard Aumer

Hans-Christian Schink

The former slaughterhouse from the 19th century (architect: Hugo Licht), an ensemble from detached buildings and continuous masonry façades, was been reused for the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (broadcasting company) and as a media centre; several buildings were renovated. The new material concept reinterpreted the identity of the location: sand-coloured ceramic brick for the façades and the interior wall cladding alternating with steel structures and sections, generously glazed surfaces and landscaped open spaces. In the glazed promenade facing south, the frieze of figures by artist Aristide Olivier Hamann runs along the three external studio walls like a film role.

The media garden is developed as a glazed "house inside a house"; the media tower stands in front of the building as a detached light sculpture and forms the directing point in the alley.