Vietnam, Hanoi 

Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of the Interior Ministry of the Interior Ministry of the Interior Ministry of the Interior Ministry of the Interior Ministry of the Interior       

Competition 2006 – 1st prize
Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Nikolaus Goetze
Project leader Udo Meyer
Project leader Hanoi Tuyen Tran Viet
Team competition Klaus Lenz, Richard Sprenger, Matthias Mumm, Jessica Last, Tuyen Tran Viet
Team realization Urs Wedekind, Bastian Bartz, Duc Tran Cong, Frederik Heisel, Hubertus Schnoor, Marcus Tanzen, Regine Glaser, Heidi Knaut, Sabrina Wilms, Nicole Flores, Jessica Last
In co-operation with Inros Lackner AG
Vietnamese partner practice Vietnamese National Construction Consultants (VNCC)
Client Ministry of Public und Security, Hanoi
Gross floor area 180,000 m²
Construction period 2007–2011



gmp Architekten / Julia Ackermann

The design of this varied office landscape with guesthouse and sports facilities allows interaction between the high security requirements, a good working atmosphere and harmonic integration into the urban environment.

The ground plan figure of the central complex is formed by two comb-shaped eight-storey blocks arranged along a central axis. Transverse to this central axis is an elevated block resting on the longitudinal blocks and joining them together, so as to mark the obvious entrance to the whole ministerial complex.

The most important and principal public functions of the ministry are housed in this prominent building. An alternation of design in the façade to create loggias and green sky lobbies supports the diversity of spatial quality. The roof of this tallest block is also the obvious position for the helicopter platform as well. The whole central complex rests on a base that contains all the technical and functional modules, thus eliminating the need for a basement level.

As a result of the comb-shape of the office levels, there is an excellent intermeshing of open space and buildings, with a small, semi-open interior courtyard in each recess. The office areas are oriented in part towards small patio-like, identity-creating landscape islands.