Germany, Hamburg-Speicherstadt 

Multi-Storey Parking Garage


Design Volkwin Marg
Associate Partner
Wolfgang Haux
Project manager
Heiner Gietmann
Project team
Monika van Vught, Dirk Tietgen
Hamburger Hafen- und Lagerhaus AG
Gross floor area
26,520 m²
Construction period



Christoph Gebler

A new masonry façade, which corresponds to the altered storey heights and the interior structure of the multi-storey car park, replaces the original street and canal façades. Nevertheless in terms of eaves height and façade structure it recreates the characteristic aspects of the former Warehouse Block O with hatches and rope-winch porches.

Masonry grilles – either recessed or flush with the façade surface – were designed to replace the former ventila-tion openings of the warehouse and to ensure the natural cross-ventilation of the open car park decks. Roofings, including the rope-winch porches, verge and eaves flashings as well as falls are made of copper sheeting matching the bricks’ different shades of red. The indirect illumination of the park decks via flood-lit ceilings does not impair the lighting scheme of the "Speicherstadt" (Warehouse City).