Germany, Hamburg 

Multi-Storey Parking Rotunda, Hamburg Airport


Design Meinhard von Gerkan
Project management Karsten Brauer
Project team Klaus Hoyer, Uwe Pörksen, Christian Kleiner
Structural engineers Ing.-Büro Schwarz and Dr. Weber
Client Flughafen Hamburg GmbH
Construction company E. Heitkamp
Construction period 1989–1990
Parking sites 808
Floors 8
Diameter ca. 61 m
Gross area ca. 28,000 m²






Heiner Leiska



Flughafen Hamburg, Terminal 1
Flughafen Hamburg, Terminal 2

This multi-storey, by its position and language of forms, marks the pivot of the airport's urban design layout, a hub to the different building zones and airport areas. 800 parking spaces on nine levels are placed on both sides of a double spiral ramp for separate access and exit circulation (double helix ramp). Each level is directly accessible. There is one-way circulation on all ramps and parking decks, the only crossings are at the entrances and exits respectively.

Pedestrian circulation is located on the north side opposite the terminal building. The stair tower is clad with glass blocks and linked to the parking decks via light-weight bridges. A set-back floor and plant room forms the weather-protection cover for the uppermost spiral ramp levels.

Apart from the dominating geometric form of the circle, a further essential design element of the car park is the articulation of floor levels by means of partial curtain. Wall 'screen' which allows views outside and at the same time provides cross-ventilation. The car park design is geared to the building's function. It is enveloped in the simplest materials which are detailed and combined in a highly disciplined manner.