Germany, Hamburg 

Museum of Hamburg History, Glass Roof


Design Volkwin Marg
In cooperation with schlaich bergermann und partner
Client Verein der Freunde des Museums für Hamburgische Geschichte
Construction period January – August 1989



Heiner Leiska

Due to the existing preservation order, only a limited alteration of the historic building could be undertaken. This restriction led to the concept of a very lightweight, transparent, but robust roof structure, offering sufficient protection from the weather in order to be able to use the courtyard for exhibitions.

A lattice shell structure was designed above the L-shaped, 1,000 m² large plan, consisting of two barrel-shaped shells as well as a transition dome. The optimized transfer of roof loads primarily via compressive forces and the avoidance of bending loads resulted in this geometry with flowing transitions between the three main elements. The load-bearing shell structure consists of flat steel sections, which are combined to form an orthogonal net with a constant mesh width. Steel ropes positioned diagonally in both directions provide the necessary stiffening.