Germany, Hofgeismar 

New Chapel in Hofgeismar


Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Joachim Zais
Co-worker, design Monika van Vught
Project leader Joachim Zais 
Client Landeskirchenamt Kassel
General contractor Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau, Dresden
Glass producer Indupart 
Construction period 2007-2009



Marcus Bredt

The chapel of the evangelist Academy Hofgeismar is the religious center for seminar participants and guests. The plan of the unadorned, small room is rectangular in shape and part of the former "Friedrichsbad", dating back to the year 1770.

The remodeling of the room should create a place of contemplation and tranquility. Due to the reduction in the used materials and the renunciation of superfluous details a space has been created that allows the individual to reflect and pray.

The entire interior space has been superficially clad, whereas the material in it of itself has been set in scene. The floor and the three interior walls have been clad with concrete form boards (phenol resin coated birch plywood). In powerful contrast to the concrete form boards are the backlit surfaces of the ceiling and the window wall which are made of translucent, jade colored Structuran/ molded glass made from recycled glass. The window openings are schematically visible inside the room during the day, whereas everything "worldly" has been barred from the room. In the evening the colored light from within the chapel shines through the windows.

The only symbolic element in the chapel is a cross that is located in the wall behind the altar. The cross has been "milled" out of the surface of the concrete form boards and as such strengthens the uniform, spatial impression.