Saudi Arabien, Taima und Sulayyil 

New Desert Settlement

New Desert Settlement New Desert Settlement New Desert Settlement          

Design Meinhard von Gerkan, 1977
Karsten Brauer, Klaus Staratzke
Project team
Ahrend Buchholz-Berger, Wolfgang Haux, Marion Ebeling, Peter Sembritzki, Christel Timm-Schwarz

In the neighbourhood of two oases – Taima and Sulayyil in the south of Saudi Arabia – the kingdom planned the foundation of two settlements as well as the necessary infrastructure. Both projects included the construction of 25 semi-detached houses, each for two families, two primary schools, a theatre or auditory with 1,200 places and a mosque.

The overall ensemble is arranged on a rectangular system around a square central greenery space which is surrounded by public buildings. The system is designed for increase and a multiplication of the population figure.
The courtyard walls of the houses and schools are an important design motif due to their multifaceted differentiation of heights creating a lively silhouette. In addition to that the shading devices of the windows vividly structure the facades in different ways.

The mosque and the large theatre building generate two absolutely different designed solitaire buildings which deliberately contrast the other building development and constitute two visual poles in the diagonal of the overall ensemble.