Germany, Weimar 

New Weimar Hall


Competitioin 1997 – 1. Preis
Design Meinhard von Gerkan mit Doris Schäffler und Stephan Schütz
Partner Hubert Nienhoff
Project leaders Doris Schäffler, Stephan Schütz
Project team Kemal Akay, Matthias Wiegelmann, Helga Reimund, Margret Böthig, Antje Pfeifer, Peter Bozic, Johannes Erdmann, Patrick Pfleiderer
Lightning Design Conceptlicht, Traunreut
Client Stadt Weimar
Construction period 1997 - 1999
Gross floor area 20.000 m²
Volume 100.000 m³



Hans-Christian Schink

The bright façade of the Weimar Hall gives a termination to the wide park landscape at the river Ilm running through this classical town. The hall is characterized by a transparent and open design, offering views to the open space and simultaneously allowing for views into the interior from all sides.

Inside the building, the shell of the hall itself is an independent, detached element. The Grand Hall can be opened up or closed with mechanical sliding walls on the ground and upper levels. This creates on one hand a wooden house inside the building and on the other a naturally illuminated event hall, which is spatially, functionally and atmospherically adjustable to various uses.

Generous foyer areas are created around this element, again intensifying the relationship of interior and exterior through glass façades especially towards the park. This applies in particular to the restaurant areas, located in the western wing.

The motif of wings, opening up the building towards the park in a symbolic gesture, is adapted from the historic hall. The design also repeats the cubic volume of the historic hall with slight variations. In the park direction, the southern courtyard is complemented by a lecture building, which can be separately used. Both forecourts are connected to the park via serpentine-shaped ramps.