Germany, Wilhelmshaven 



Consultancy 1991
Design Meinhard von Gerkan with Volkmar Sievers
Partner Klaus Staratzke
Project managers Volkmar Sievers, Giorgio Gullotta
Project team Kerstin Falke, Karen Heckel, Markus Helmin, Maren Lucht, Hans Münchhalfen, Detlef Papendick, Jeanny Rieger, Monica Sallowsky, Ralf Schmitz, Kai Ritzke
Client Kusto-Immobilienprojektentwicklung GmbH + Co. KG
Construction period 1994–1997
Gross floor area 73,268 m²
Volume 304,417 m³



Klaus Frahm

The centrally located terminus station is connected to the surrounding road network through the proposed development. The main two-story passage forms the extension of the tracks into the city. Two secondary passages intersect along this route, linking the adjacent streets. In the direction of Virchowstraße a fourcecourt is introduced and with the inclusion of the new bus terminal the development’s function as a focus of traffic and commerce is completed.

The four-story building is in context with the scale of its immediate neighbours; the light-red brickwork, characteristic to the area, is used both externally and internally. Offices and apartments are located on the upper floors; two multi-story car parks, sitting parallel to the train tracks in the west, complete the ensemble.