Germany, Hamburg 

Office and Commercial Building, Hohe Bleichen 11


Competition 2006 - 1st prize
Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Nikolaus Goetze
Project leaders Dirk Heller, Karen Schroeder
Team design Christoph Berle, Meike Schmidt, Georg Traun, Friedhelm Chlosta, Kai Siebke, Holger Schmücker, Ingo Beckmann, Eduard Kaiser
Team project Christoph Berle, Katharina Traupe, Holger Schmücker, Meike Schmidt, Kai Siebke
Construction supervision gmp, Julia Weinert, Christian Kleiner
Project management IKB Immobilien Management GmbH
Structural engineering WTM
Technical building equipment Pinck Ingenieure
Light planning a·g Licht
Client IKB Grundstücks GmbH & Co. Objekt Hamburg KG
Construction period 2006-2009
Gross floor area 11,209 m²



Heiner Leiska

The five- seven- and nine storey tall building takes up in a sensitive way the height of the neighbouring buildings and integrates itself fully into the urban block. It defines its  identity from the two storey jump in height and the stepping back of the different buildings within the small scale building typology of the Hohe Bleichen street. The three different elevations carefully channel the narrow width of the Amelungstreet into the more generous urban space of the Hohe Bleichen.

The façade is divided horizontally and vertically by frame-like pilaster strips which run over two floors. The extruded aluminium profiles of the pilaster strips narrow down conically away from the façade thus giving the frame a slim and elegant impression. Further to this the façade is structured by storey high ventilation openings which guarantee natural ventilation during the Autumn and Spring. They lie flush in the façade contrary to the external sun shading - a system consisting of small stainless steel louvers - which give optimal results without hampering the sight.

The building has further distinctive features; the individual offices are 15 m deep; the office grid is 1.35 m; each floor can be divided up into 400 m² large units and the construction uses steel composite floors with flat slabs. All of these features make conventional as well as innovative office structures, like single office, combined, group and team offices feasible. The entrance to the building is from Amelungstraße via a nine storey tall atrium with glass lifts.