Germany, Dresden 

Office Building, Altmarkt


Competition 1996 – 1. Preis
Design Meinhard von Gerkan
Project partner Klaus Staratzke
Project leader Giorgio Gullotta
Co-workers Claudia Abt, Peter Kropp, Andrea Moritz, Thomas Grotzek, Helene van gen Hassend, Jasmin Otto, Kerstin Falke, Florian Schätz
Co-workers competition Charles de Piciotto, Sigrid Müller, Johann v. Mansberg
Client EP-Euro Projektentwicklungs GmbH
Construction period 1998–2000
Gross floor area 18.642 m²
Gross volume 64.320 m³



Gerhard Aumer

Hans-Christian Schink

The design attempts to develop a modest innercity building, appropriately responding to its use as a modern commercial block within a historical context producing an unmistakable identity.

Externally, the complex continues the historical building lines, simultaneously altering them with three-dimensional niches, arcades and steps. Linear inlays introduce a vertical rhythm in the sandstone façade. A two-storeyed socle, a three-storeyed central element and a recessed attic level divide the façade horizontally, thus creating a relation to the surrounding houses.

The illustrated extension of the façades on the south side of the Altmarkt and at the Kreuzkirche are not to be seen as a definite façade design or a copy of the existing buildings. It illustrates rather, that a vertical rhythm, horizontal zoning and niches are means to balance superior urban unity and individual succinctness.

The shop area is located in the building’s socle, their glazed fronts allowing for views into the courtyard which is connected to the public street space by a passage. A large horizontal glazed area towards the street offers an insight into the restored historical vaults and walls of the Altmarkt buildings.

The obligatory sloped roof contour is realized as steps, cladded with naturally red façade panels - an "irony" regarding tradition, whilst maintaining context.