Germany, Essen 

Office Building, Bredeney


Competition 1993 – 1st Prize
Design Meinhard von Gerkan
Partner Klaus Staratzke
Project manager Walter Gebhardt
Project team Heiner Gietmann, Sybille Kramer, Karen Schroeder, Roland Born, Wolfgang Höhl, Christian Kreusler, Torsten Neeland, Claudia Papanikolaou, Detlef Papendick, Carsten Plog, Heidrun Reusch, Helma von Szada
Construction period 1996–1998
Gross floor area 80,000 m²
Volume 230,000 m³



Luftbild Laubner

Wolf Dieter Gericke

This complex offers the Karstadt Group a building with an individual identity and a representative, separate entrance. Other tenants also have access via a separate "address" and share the park-like ground.

The building configuration consists of two crossed, U-shaped of-fice wings. The Karstadt section, designed around a square garden court, opens up over three storeys along the complete length of the south wing. Due to its welcoming gesture, the main entrance on Theodor-Althoff-Straße is clearly discernible and forms a visual link to the existing building. A two-storeyed, transparent hall openly connects all three circulation cores.