Germany, Hamburg 

Parking Garage

Parking Garage Parking Garage Parking Garage          

Design Volkwin Marg
Partner Klaus Staratzke
Client Allianz Lebensversicherungs AG
Construction period 1981–1983
Parking places 442



Heiner Leiska

The brick façade of the multi-storey car park repeats the predominantly existing materials and vertical structures of the neighbouring buildings, without pretending to have another use. It connects to the neighbouring eaves heights, whereas an offset of the highest storeys conceals the actual height (a total of twelve storeys with staggered levels) from the street-side. Two shops on the ground floor avoid a closed building front and maintain a continuous shopping atmosphere for pedestrians. The façade consists of faced brickwork. Masonry arches span between the load-bearing columns, tapering in layers towards the top, which support the mash-like laid bricks with their wide, open vertical joints. An external glazed lift also emphasizes the vertical structure.