Germany, Leipzig 

Porsche Center


Design Volkwin Marg und Hubert Nienhoff
Project leader Markus Pfisterer
Staff Holger Betz, Rüdiger von Helmolt, Helga Reimund, Meinhard Rudolph, Beate Kling, Frank Anacker
Statics schlaich bergermann und partner
Haustechnik Integ
Landschaftsplanung Knoll Ökoplan
Client Dr. Ing. h.c. Porsche AG repräsentiert von Porsche Leipzig GmbH
Construction period 2001–2002
Gross floor area 8.780 m²



Hans-Christian Schink

In the centre of the new Porsche factory, designed for the off-road car "Cayenne", between the test track and the production hall, is the customer centre. Its design adheres to the corporate identity requirements outlined by the sports car manufacturer.

The building is used as a presentation platform and event centre as well as for the delivery of new cars. The administration and workshop for the offroad car complement the room program in the socle building.

The massive socle from fair-faced concrete and the circular tower clad with metal panels form a clearly visible landmark, from where the overall complex can be overlooked.

Socle building and tower can simultaneously be used in various ways: whilst the normal workshop operations and the handover of cars take place on the lower level and a sports car exhibition is presented on the exterior terrace, a chamber concert for an audience up to 500 people can take place on the event level. A gastronomy area and an exhibition gallery for historic cars are located next to the circular event hall with a presentation stage. The open plan allows for a flexible utilization, whilst a small auditorium in the storey below complements the room program.

The overall design concept derived from the corporate identity requires a uniform, structured landscape concept for the complete premises, integrating the different parts (production line, test track, off-road track, and customer centre) to form a perceptible unity.