China, Shanghai 

Pujiang High-tech Park


Design Meinhard von Gerkan with Magdalene Weiß and Jan Stecher
Partner Nikolaus Goetze
Design and project team Viktor Oldiges, Susanne Maijer, Peng Xiangge, Tan Tian, Zhou Yunkai
Chinese partner practice Shanghai XianDai HuaGai Institute of Architectural Design & Research Co., Ltd.
Client Shanghai Caohejing Development Area Economic and Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Gross floor area 145,000 m²
Construction period 2006–2008



Christian Gahl

The Pujiang Hi-Tech business park is located in the Pudong district to the south of the former EXPO exhibition site and is well connected to Shanghai’s center via the Lupu bridge. It comprises buildings for light industry, offices and service companies. Plot F1_4  of the F zone is a block of buildings enclosing two yards. Four- to six-story buildings have been grouped around squares and inner courtyards within a park landscape. White rendered façade elements frame the glazed room-height window areas, some of which recede, and the façade is further structured by dark, vertical louvre-type elements. The contrasting façades give rhythm to the building blocks, as do the variations in height, the attic stories and multi-story passageways.