China, Qingdao 

Qingdao Finance Plaza


Direct commission 2007
Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz with Nicolas Pomränke
Project management
Clemens Kampermann
Design/Executive staff
Lian Kian, Ling Li, Feng Xie, Annette Löber, Amelie Neusen, Tobias Keyl, Jochen Sültrup, Xin Meng
Chinese partner firm
CABR, Beijing
Tiantai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Gross floor area
131,700 m²
Height office tower
100 m / apartm



Christian Gahl

The tower block complex, with vistas to Qingdao’s sandy beach to the south and the Laoshan mountains to the east, accommodates a mixture of office space for a bank, small office units for rent, apartments and retail areas. The apartments are located in the slender, 150 m high east tower while the 100 m high office tower to the west serves as headquarters for a bank, including a customer service hall on the ground floor. The design responds to the multi-faceted briefing for this building complex with a sculptural form which is made cohesive by applying a uniform natural stone cladding over several stories. The office areas are faced with a double-skin facade, with the outer glass level flush with the natural stone cladding and the ventilation gap receding to the interior.