Germany, Melbeck 

Residence, Dr. Manke


Design Meinhard von Gerkan und Joachim Zais
Project team Petra Staak, Dagmar Engeler, Thomas Dreusicke, Gabriele Wysocki, Monika van Vught
Structural engineer Manfred Manke
Landscape gardening Wehberg Eppinger Schmidtke
Client Susanne and Dr. Michael Manke
Construction period 1998–2000
Gross area 350 m²



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Kai Abresch

The client asked for a house which respects the rural location and the nature reserve in the south. His preference for classical architecture prompted the interpretation of a classical country house through modern architecture.

Two "cart houses" for cars and gardening tools together with the house itself, form a courtyard towards the street and divide the neighbouring development at the side.

Inside, a 1.50 m wide central zone with adjoining rooms forms the "spine" of the pitched roof house. The entrance hall, connecting the entrance  and upper level, is located to the north. The residential unit joins towards the south, its single areas being connected with translucent sliding doors. The children’s and parents´ sleeping quarters are located above.