Germany, Saarbrücken 


Saar-Galerie Saar-Galerie Saar-Galerie          

Consultancy 1987 - 1988
Design Volkwin Marg
Project team Hakki Akyol, Christian Hoffmann, Hubert Nienhoff, Joachim Rind, Martin Bleckmann, Björn Bergfeld, Klaus Brand, Annette Kersig, Roland Dorn, Jutta Hartmann-Pohl, Franz Lensing, Christa Rath
Technical building equipment HL-Technik
Structural engineers Varbick, Hortz, Ladewig
Client Hammerson Group, London
Construction period 1989 - 1991



Klaus Frahm

A building block is formed together with the listed building of the Saar Colliery Administration, creating again well proportioned urban space at the same height. The arcade block, over 100 metres long, 12 metres wide and six stories high lands in an octagon 38 metres high. The long elevation with its repetitive rhythm of the prefabricated component grid is broken up using recessed elements to modulate the facade. The indentations contain emergency staircases of the parking levels behind a delicate steel construction. The external carpark walls above the arcades are faced with translucent prefabricated concrete elements in a set back square module. The complex is terminated by the access ramps to the parking levels. The two-way spiral is a steel structure suspended on cables. The character of the building is dominated by the steel detailing and is in direct contrast to the honeycombed prefabricated concrete elements.