China, Shanghai 

Shanghai Business Park


Design Meinhard von Gerkan, 2006
Nikolaus Goetze
Project leaders
Magdalene Weiß, Fanny Hoffmann-Loss
Design team
Ling Yi, Sun Yajing
Chinese partner practice
Shanghai Business Park Development Co., Ltd.
Gross floor area
82,000 m²
Construction period



Jan Siefke

Shanghai Business Park is located within the western area of Shanghai Caohejing Hitech Park and covers an area of roughly 13.7 hectares. The Park was set up as an Arlington Business Park, developed according to the guidelines and principles of Arlington, with low office and service buildings situated in large, open landscape areas. The plots developed during Phase II of the project comprise an area of approximately 48.700 m² with a potential developable area of 57.346 m².

In the eastern part of the park along the main inner access road, four office buildings are situated with a larger building in the south, two U-shaped blocks along the east and a larger complex with two separate building parts in the north. To the south west of the park entrance, a service building is situated with a canteen, a small restaurant and bar, a convenience store, a business center, entertainment facilities, a gym, a swimming pool and a tennis hall with adjoined VIP area. All buildings provide parking areas in the basement with a connected basement area underneath the office buildings.
In order to give the landscaping of the park enough room to enclose the architecture, the buildings are designed as compact units with one or two inner courtyards. Thus, a gradation of public to semi-public space is achieved that also allows the landscape to penetrate the courtyards and create an atmosphere of "working in a park". At the same time, the inner road system is planned to cover a minimum of sealed space, leaving as much area as possible for the landscaping.

All office buildings are designed to be four stories high with 4.50 m floor height on the ground level and 4.20 m on the upper levels, creating a total building height of approximately 17.10 m. The service center has three stories with the tennis hall standing slightly out in the center of the complex. The building grid of 8.40 m allows flexible floor spaces in the offices as well as in the functional areas and ensures that the buildings arranged around inner courtyards maintain a slender and elegant appearance. Concrete slabs supported by columns span on roof level across the entrances to the inner courtyards and emphasize the entrance situation as well as the transition to a more private internal area.

The facades are designed in natural stone and glass units, which show the inner functions of the buildings, while displaying a varied rhythm of open and closed facade areas.