Turkey, Ankara 

Sheraton Hotel and Shopping Mall


Design Volkwin Marg and Karsten Brauer
Project team Klaus Lübbert, Wolfgang Haux, Dirk Heller, Yasemin Erkan, Evgenia Werner, Ralph Preuß, Claus Jungk, Thomas Bieling
Client Turser A. S.
Structural engineers Windels, Timm, Morgen
Technical building equipment HL-Technik
Structural engineers and technical building equipment shopping mall
Seyas Consultants, Istanbul
Landscape architects Wehberg, Lange, Eppinger, Schmidtke
Interior designer hotel Robinson, Conn Partnership
Construction period 1988–1991
Gross floor area 96,000 m²
Volume 400,000 m³
Height 119.5 m



Heiner Leiska


The 24-storeyed cylindrical tower of the luxury Sheraton Hotel architecturally characterizes the 3.4 ha large complex located on the edge of Ankara's city centre. The large, horizontally laid-out shopping and commercial centre and the residential development with 92 apartments present a visual counterbalance. An extension with an apartment hotel and a congress and cultural centre will be completed in early 2005.

The Sheraton Hotel is divided into two areas: the tower with the hotel rooms, reception, foyers and restaurant designed as an extroverted building, and the low block with event and conference rooms, shops, casino, indoor swimming pool and fitness area conceived as an introverted building. The two-storeyed entrance hall functions as a link between these areas. It is located in the extension of the stair cascade leading up from the main road and forms a continuation of the public space. The combination of two guestrooms located above each other into one two-storeyed window element reinforces the scaled layout of the tower façade. The façade material consists of painted precast concrete components respectively in-situ concrete. At the tower base the ring-shaped foyer and the restaurants, due to the hillside location located on the level below, open up towards the park in a pushed out fan-shaped socle.