China, Beijing  

Soho Beijing Residence


Design Meinhard von Gerkan with Magdalene Weiß, 2002
Partner Nikolaus Goetze
Project team Michèle Watenphul, Kai Ladebeck, Holger Schmücker, Xia Lin, Gregor Hoheisel, Stephanie Heß, Iris van Hülst, Sigrid Müller, Jörn Ortmann, Marcus Tanzen, Hito Ueda, Holger Wermers
Chinese partner practice Central Research Institute of Building and Construction Design of M.M.I
Client Beijing Shoulu-Huayuan Property Co., Ltd.
Gross floor area 69,000 m²
Construction period 2003-2008



Ben McMillan

Jan Siefke

The luxurious 25-storey apartment block is located in downtown Beijing. Accommodated within its fluid ground plan are 80 individual types of apartment with several terraces and lots of airspace. The attractive apartments are all laid out as maisonettes.

The fluid outlines of the transparent facades, which are articulated by horizontal strips and recessions, are a palpable contrast to the solid base with its dark stone cladding. On the topmost floors, the floor plans are staggered, creating two towers, which, being of varying height and offset in accordance with the line of the street, form an exciting addition to the cityscape. The two-wall façade with screens in the space between provides natural ventilation, while the fullheight windows admit lots of light into the rooms. In the upper storeys, luxurious flats each have more than 1,000 m² of living space, private swimming pools, and spacious terraces. The functional room layouts afford space for privacy while at the same time catering for the demands of a formal social life where prestigious receptions are put on one's "own house".