Italy, Rimini 

Station of the Rimini Trade Fair


Design Volkwin Marg with Stephanie Joebsch
Project manager Yasemin Erkan
Project team Eduard Mijic, Thomas Dammann, Regine Glaser, Carsten Plog, Ingo von Holz
Contact architect Clemens Kusch, Venice
Structural engineers Favero & Milan, Venice
Technical equipment Studio TI, Rimini
Client Rimini Fiera S.p.A.
Construction period 2002–2004



Francesco Castagna

Characteristic features of the station are the 100m-long platform roofs with steel wings on each side. Steel supports approx. 9m apart carry the longitudinal and transverse profiles of the triple-layer roofs, which appear to float over the platforms. The lighting scheme underlines the lightness of the roofs. During the day, panes of glass let the sunlight through, so that the rhythm of the row of pillars in the middle is emphasized, while at night indirect light provides a pleasant atmosphere on the platforms.

A small waiting room, ticket machines, toilet facilities and shops are located in two blocks on the lower level, so as not to obstruct the view to the Fair. In terms of materials (steel and travertine) and color, the station follows the design scheme of the fairground.