Germany, Göttingen 

Supermarkets Complex II


Design Volkwin Marg
Joachim Zais
Project manager
Dominik Reh
Project team
Klaus Reinhardt, Marina Hoffmann, Karl-Heinz Behrendt
Structural engineers
Dr. Kurth Immobilienanlagen Zweite GmbH + Co KG
Construction period
Gross floor area
8,750 m²
56,200 m³



Juergen Schmidt

[email protected]

The long, rectangular building mass offers ideal function and circulation. A colonnade, with considerable significance regarding urban planning, and the clear allocation of entrances leading to an internal "mall" are facing the customer park. The primary side towards Kasseler Landstraße receives a divisioned, transparent green house zone.

The internal "mall" is constructed from arched steel girders with trapezoid sheet metal respectively glazed roofing and widens in the middle entrance zone into a three-naved hall.

In order to present a uniform visual concept, a differentiated, super-ordinate advertising concept with two pylons visible from a distance have been realized.