China, Lingang New City 

Technic Center "Freetrade II"


Competition 2006 - 1st prize

Design Meinhard von Gerkan

Partner Nikolaus Goetze

Project leader Klaus Lenz

Design team Udo Meyer, Matthias Mumm, Eduard Kaiser, Richard Sprenger

Project team Matthias Holtschmidt, Marcus Tanzen, Frederik Heisel, Jens Reichert, Honghao Zhu

Chinese partner practice SIADR

Client Shanghai Lingang International Logistics Development Co., Ltd.

Gross floor area 35,000 m²

Construction period 2006-2007



Jan Siefke

The concept of the building is based on four parallel building structures, which are connected via an orthogonally orientated glassy passageway. A generous, two-storey glassy entrance hall, orientated southwards, is the center and the main entrance area of the service complex. The provided dimensions of the building allow for a very flexible subdivision of the office areas: openspace offices as well as single offices can be organized. The companies get maximum flexibility for the arrangement of their own office culture.

All special areas in the entrance level are directly connected to the outside surroundings, and therefore have a direct view onto the green spaces and wa-ter areas. The office areas that are orientated to the main access area are lifted in parts - by structuring the cubature this way, an interesting spatiality comes into being.

The structure is enclosed by a greenish, gleaming glass facade, with spacious room-high, glazed parts to bring daylight into the working spaces. The glazed fields, which are all equipped with a window opening for comfort, are arranged in a shifted way, thus creating a vivid impression. This theme is repeated on the facades of the two storey high cubatures which house the special areas. As a variation on the main theme, the skylights above the main entrance as well as parts of the landscape design are planed checkered.