China, Hangzhou 

UDC Twin Towers, Hualian Qianjiang Times Square


Design Meinhard von Gerkan, 2005
Partner Nikolaus Goetze
Project leader Volkmar Sievers
Client Union Developing Group of China, Hangzhou
Construction period 2007–2011
Gross floor area 95,400 m²
Height 137 m
Floors 33



Hans-Georg Esch

The ensemble is in an unusual situation in a new part of Hangzhou directly on the
banks of the broad River Qiantang. The twin towers have square ground plans, and
are joined by a three-story base. The towers are skewed relative to each other, to allow the optimum views from all offices and reduce visual intrusion. Two-story winter gardens are integrated into the office floors on two opposite sides of the building as thermal buffers and to reduce energy emissions. Large supply and waste air apertures provide ventilation and prevent the offices overheating in summer. The double facades of the towers consist of fixed glazing and opening windows, with the floor-to-ceilingheight, unitized fixed glazing being made of neutral-color, high-efficiency insulating glass. The opening windows on the inside provide natural ventilation.