Spain, Valencia 

Valencia del mar


Competition 2007 – 1st prize
Volkwin Marg
Hubert Nienhoff
Project leaders
Martin Glass, Markus Pfisterer
Constanze Elges, Helge Lezius, Christian Wenzel, Lars Laubenthal, Claudio Aceituno Husch
Landscape architect
Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin
Total area of site
136 hectares

Spain’s third largest city, Valencia, is a tradition-rich port city, whose access to the Mediterranean has been obstructed by tank farms, railroad tracks and a now antiquated port industry.

Following the recent reclamation of the old harbor basin, with its historic warehouses for the holding of the America’s Cup, the city has been searching for an urban planning concept for its expansive opening to the sea: "Valencia del Mar".
gmp’s competition entry, awarded first prize, is a master plan that will enable the creation of a new urban and harbor landscape to be built in separate con-struction phases.

The incomplete urban axis of the Avenida de Francia will be extended down to the harbor and will find its terminus in a landmark, a V-shaped tower. This structure will mark the gateway to the city like a beacon, as did the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria in ancient times, and serve as an emblematic symbol for Valencia.

The former bed of the Turia River, now transformed in a linear park, will once again be navigable and will flow around the park on the peninsula in newly dredged canals. The harbor structures will be used for cultural events and activities.

With their master plan of classical urban planning, the planners of gmp wanted to create a synthesis of cohesive dwelling quarters, public parks and culturally used historic buildings together with the new structure of the industrial port.

The city of Valencia wished to begin redesigning its port area immediately and looks forward to working together with gmp and the other competition’s winner, Jean Nouvel.