Latvia, Riga 

Villa Alexandra


Design Meinhard von Gerkan

Design team Volkmar Sievers, Andrea Moritz

Execution building company Vincents, Riga

Construction period 2002 - Summer 2003

Gross floor area 700 m²



Heiner Leiska

The generous villa in the Latvian seaside resort Jurmala lies within a site that is characterized by its mature trees and close location to the Baltic Sea.
The new building is wood-clad and divided into five parallel building sections with varying depths, thereby responding to the dimension of the existing small-scale development.

Another response to the neighbouring houses is the staggered profile of mono-pitched roofs with a sheet zinc cladding. The interior room layout is orientated along the external building structure; different uses are allocated in the different building sections.

Large window openings define the north and south façades, whilst the east and west façades remain closed, with the exception of small windows. The massive exterior walls are horizontally clad with Siberian larch, receiving an additional structure from the vertical metal profiles.

On the south side a covered walkway frames the building sections, that protrude to a varying extent, simultaneously forming the termination of the terrace with its sunken Japanese Zen garden. A tea-house also built after the Japanese model seems to be hovering above a rectangular water area located in the garden. The open timber structure of the tea-house is supported by a concrete platform cantilevering above the water, its foundations being concealed from the viewer.