Germany, Hamburg 

Villa at Elbchaussee


Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Nikolaus Goetze, 2002
Project manager
Magdalene Weiß
Project team
Kristina Milani, Marcus Tanzen, Michèle Watenphul
Structural engineers
Meyer & Pallmann
Technical building equipment
Gross floor area
1,087 m²
Construction period



Klaus Frahm

The two-storey private house consists of three blocks running parallel to the street. Oriented east-west, the blocks form white-plastered frames with glass facades set into them. Corridors between them act as glazed interstices separating the solidly enclosed corpuses of the blocks from each other. The north front is made of white-enameled glass panes, broken up by deepset slender windows. Screens made of adjustable wooden slats installed in front of the transparent aluminum-and-glass design of the south front can be moved at different levels, so that the transparency of the building changes with the weather. In contrast to the cool exteriors, in the living areas warm surfaces such as oak parquet and wooden fittings were deliberately used. There is a swimming pool on the lower floor, with an adjacent fitness and sauna area.