Germany, Hamburg 

Villas, Kanzleistrasse

Villas, Kanzleistrasse Villas, Kanzleistrasse Villas, Kanzleistrasse Villas, Kanzleistrasse         

Design Volkwin Marg and Joachim Zais
Project management Horst Werner Warias, Jörn Ortmann
Project design Petra Staack, Ulf Düsterhöft, Gabriele Wysocki
Structural engineers Niels Hausö
Client Theo Gerlach Wohnungsbauunternehmen
Construction period 1999–2001
Gross area 1,250 m² per house



Klaus Frahm

The sophisticated Nienstedten district with its principally detached city villas and generous landscaping belongs to Hamburg’s favourite residential locations. The extensive site, formerly used as a tree nursery, is located in the district’s centre and should be developed with different grouped types of villas.

The concept is based on an urban planning survey by gmp dating from July 1990. It proposes a site development divided up into three areas and designed by two architectural practices. Starting out from a meadow four paths are laid out, along which ensembles of two or three single houses are created, being connected with one-storeyed building elements.

Detached houses with white plaster façades and a stepped storey cladded with wooden lamellas form the eastern termination of these four rows. Both house types differ primarily regarding the number of apartments per level; 48 apartments are built in total.