China, Beijing  

Wanda Plaza


Competition 2002 – 1st prize
Volkwin Marg and Hubert Nienhoff
Hubert Nienhoff, Stephan Schütz (Execution)
Project management
Alexander Buchhofer, Silvia Schneider
Team Design
Christian Dorndorf, Martin Duplantier
Team Raelisation
(Façade design) Veit Lieneweg, Stephan Rewolle, Peng Du, Dong Chunsong, Xia Lin, Nicolas Pomränke
Chinese partner practice
China Beijing Institute of Architectural Design & Research
Wanda Plaza Property Co., Ltd.
Gross floor area
155,000 m²
104 m
Construction period



Christian Gahl

The two volumes are interpreted as an abstract, stone sculpture characterized by vertical towers (housing the hotel and office spaces) which evolve out of a horizontal plinth in which the commercial space is located. The towers’ distinctive projection into the urban area around the Jianguo Road creates a striking entity within the heterogeneous urban fabric.

Staggered floors, as well as large-scale recesses in the entrance areas of the tower organize the building. Shaded colonnades form the structure’s base. The facade’s natural materials – light, warm colored granulated granite – reflect the sunlight and draw attention to the building ensemble. The deep soffits and the sculptural effect of the architectural volumes produce a staged image of light and shadow and accentuate the overall form and its effect in the urban surrounding.