China, Shanghai-Pudong 

Wanxiang Plaza, Office Building


Competition 2005 – 1st Prize
Design Meinhard von Gerkan
Partner Nikolaus Goetze
Project leader Volkmar Sievers
Client Wanxiang Holding
Construction period 2007–2010
Gross floor area 39,000 m²
Height 79 m
Floors 19



Hans-Georg Esch

Marcus Bredt

The site in Shanghai-Pudong, on which the regional headquarters of the Wanxiang Holding was built, is impressive with its location on the Huangpu River. Its facade, faced in white natural stone, has a consciously intense sculptural depth. Tall window openings extend over two stories each. On the outside they have vertical metal mesh elements, behind which on the inside are placed ventilation windows. As slender two story high elements, they accentuate the window openings. The sculptural form of the facade is continued on the building’s base by the deeply recessed windows and a high colonnade, which leads into the three story high main entrance. Light-colored, natural stone is the material used throughout on the facade and the floors of the lower base levels.