China, Xi’an 

Xi’an International Conference and Exhibition Center


Competition 2006 – 1st prize
Design Volkwin Marg
Partner Nikolaus Goetze
Project leaders Hinrich Müller, Marc Ziemons
Design and project team Christine von der Schulenburg, Andreas Jantzen, Ben Grope, Tanja Gutena, Carsten Plog, Mei Pan, Honghao Zhu, Alexandra Kühne, Stephan Berndt, Zhengao Li
Structural engineers Sobek Ingenieure
Technical building equipment IGTech
Lighting design AG Licht
Landscape design Breimann & Bruun
Chinese partner practice Architectural Design & Research Inst.
South China University of Technology (SCUT)
Client Xi´an Qujiang Cultural Industry Investment Group
AHB Architectural Design & Engineering Limited
Gross floor area 152,000 m²  
Construction period 2006–2007



Jan Siefke

Seven identical exhibition halls are arranged on both sides of a central mall running from west to east. Three green courtyards structure the 380 m long and 42 m wide exhibition mall, which serves as the functional spine of the whole facility. A second access axis in north-south direction links the already existing hall to the complex. A gallery with spacious conference rooms is located in each hall providing a view of the ground floor exhibition areas. Bridges connect the galleries and thus all exhibition halls with each other. With a clear height of 14 m, the exhibition halls can also be used for sport or cultural events.

From the planned congress center in the east a stylized stone river winds across the entrance plaza into the mall. It reappears in each courtyard until it emerges again on the western plaza.

The barrel-like roofs of the 72 x 144 m large halls are constructed as a light steel structure. Contrasting the glazed gables the halls’ longitudinal sides are made of a closed concrete skeleton frame construction, which is clad with white lacquered metal panels on the outside.